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Our 5th PHRA AGM is on Sun, 27 March 2011, 10am at the playground. Lunch will be served for all participant for free. Please attend.

Attached are the letters that you also receive in your letterbox. The finanicial statement is only published electronically to save printing cost. We will also discuss this during the AGM.

Thank you.


*** UPDATE on AGM  ***

The committee of 2011 is as below:


No. Position Name
1. Chairman Yeak Nai Siew
2. Vice Chairman N. Ramesh
3. Secretary Cheah Keat Swee
4. Asst. Secretary Apryl Loo
5. Treasurer Jacky Chong
6. Committee Member Ancelyn
7. Committee Member Madeline
8. Committee Member Ganesh
9. Committee Member Lim Hok Ming
10. Committee Member Alex Pong
11. Committee Member Nikki
12. Committee Member Angela
13. Committee Member Mei Mei
14. Committee Member Narvin
15. Committee Member Brian
16. Committee Member David Tan
17. Committee Member Foong
18. Committee Member Ping Ping
19. Committee Member Ms Teh


The following 10 resolutions have been passed unanimously by members. The minutes is attached for your reference. 

Resolution 1: To widen the authorized usage of monthly fees

It has become necessary to include not only security charges but also maintenance and esthetics's, social and community activities, utilities expenses and also to built the Sinking Fund.

Proposed: Alex, Seconded: JK

Resolution 2: Increase in monthly fees collectable from PH residents

The current security fees is RM50 per month. Due to the increase of security fees, RM50 per month is not sufficient. It is estimated that an increase to RM80 per month is the minimum we can work with.

Proposed: Jacky, Seconded: Cheah

Resolution 3: Authorizing PHRA to seek legal recourse against PH house owners who have not paid their arrears and/or monthly dues

By virtue of the Supplementary Agreement signed by all PH house owners, the PHRA needs to recover outstanding amounts from respective PH residents. The PHRA therefore seeks authorization to take legal action against PH house owners to recover old outstanding balances and/or monthly fees that have not been paid for more than 12 months

Proposed: Ancelyn, Seconded: Vana

Resolution 4: Incentive for new PHRA committee members

In order to encourage more new committee members to join PHRA, it is suggested that committee members with 80% attendance will be entitled to 3 months waiver of security fees in the next financial year (after the next AGM).

Proposed: Yeak, Seconded: Alex

Resolution 5: Authorization to employ a full time staff

Due to the high work load after launching the touch card system, a full time staff is needed. It is suggested that to employed a full time staff with a monthly basic salary of RM 2,500. Miss Angela Tan was suggested for the post.

Proposed: Apryl , Seconded: Trisha

Resolution 6: Standardized the expiry date for PHRA memberships

All memberships will be expired on 31 Dec each year. Renewal will be needed for the subsequent year.

Proposed: Yeak , Seconded: Hok Ming

Resolution 7: Authorization to engage professional company to maintain the touch card and security equipment system

To engage a professional company on a monthly retainer of not more than RM500. This is to ensure 24x7 maintenance of the touch card system and security equipment. Hyper Security Sdn Bhd is offering RM300 per month for the above services.

Proposed: JK, Seconded: Ramesh

Resolution 8: Increase in authorized signatory limit of PHRA bank account

It is suggested that cheque signatory limit be increased from RM15,000 to RM20,000 due to the large increase in security fees.

Proposed: Ramesh, Seconded: Trisha

Resolution 9: To authorize PHRA to take on maintenance contracts of Puchong Hartamas from MPSJ if given opportunity by the latter 

This is needed to improve the overall maintenance and esthetics of PH because sub-contractor will become accountable to the PHRA.

Proposed: Cheah, Seconded: Ramesh

Resolution 10: To adopt PHRA account of 2010

As presented 

Proposed: Ramesh, Seconded: Ancelyn


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