Some Morale Issues in festival celebration

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 Deepavali is finally over. But I personally think the celebration went over board. The fire cracker blasting was way too much. The loud songs wailing away through the night was very inconsiderate. Doesn't educated people know how to practice moderation. If I have that much of money to burn I would have donated it to an orphange, old folks home or animal welfare and get some good karma. Hopefully those who blasted away their money did think of some charitable act before that. Moderation is divine in Islam and I believe in all other religion as well. What is my business anyway on how people spend their money. The moral is be considerate of your neighbours. tqvm. Sorry if you think i got a big mouth .

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Kinda agreed as my sleep time is interrupted.
However with the forgiving and tak apa attitude of most Malaysians, never mind la since it's once in a year thing..

Just pity the babies and seniors...

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