Roof Leaking

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With the recent heavy downpours, my house (bought from subsale) is facing roof leaking problem. I am wondering is this a common problem for most of the houseowner here since I observed many roofs have been patched and many house are doing renovations as well.

I heard that the quality of the developers is not up to par as well.

Any good contractor for recommendations?


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I have the same problem as well and it is due to design at the car porch area. The amount of water coming down from the top of the house is too much that it overflows at the car porch. To prevent it, add cutter to divert all water via separate route bypassing the car porch. Once this is done, no more leaking. My house is 2A PH2/3.

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Thank you very much Mr.Yeak for the advice. I got a good contractor to fix mine already by patching the whole structure along the roof top and laying some zinc underneath the car porch area.. So far so good, no more leakage..

He charged me RM300 which is reasonable IMHO and he did come two times for the repairs.
If anyone need any repair works, please contact Mr. Ip Wai Yew at 016-690 4324

I'm still crossing my fingers and gonna add gutter if necessary.

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Hi Joshua,

I have leaking problem at my car porch area. Everytime when it rain, there will be leaking and the plaster ceiling are peeling off and deterioted. May I know whether this contractor is reliable and good. Kindly advise. Thanks.