"Security Guard On Duty"

Dear All,

Yesterday (7 Feb 2010) morning @2.30 a.m. I returned from a run at Putrajaya, I notice that only “one” security guard station at the main guard house and the worst part is I have to press my car horn “twice” to wake-up the guard to open the gate barrier for me. The way his reaction, I wondering he has really check whether I possess a valid car sticker. I passing by PH2/4 Guard Post and couldn't find anyone inside. Out of curiosity, I decide to round the whole Taman. I couldn’t find any other guard patrolling and no guard station at PH2/2 Guard Post.

This incident is no surprise to me. I recall during the month of Dec 09, there are two occasions that I when out for a run at 5.30 a.m. Two guard blocked the exit barrier, open the visitor side barrier and sleeping inside the guard house.

I hope that the committee will bring the matter to the security’s company and make sure this thing do not happen again. 

To all dearest resident in Puchong Hartamas,if you are happen back home in the earlier hours please do some spot check on the security guard. Your effort will definately make our Taman more secure. 



PC Siow @65, PH2/5

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